Scientific research team

Since its establishment, the Enterprise Technology Center has committed to the organizational construction, personnel training, system construction, innovation capacity building, and the guaranteeing of equipment and fund input. The Center currently boasts 53 R&D professionals, with the general manager serving as the director of the team. In the R&D workplace 20002, there are more than 70 sets of trial-production testing equipment for various rubber and plastic products, such as electro-hydraulic servo static and dynamic face testing machine, all-purpose material testing machine, electronic stretching machine and digital aging face testing box for rubber and plastic low-temperature brittle face testing machine, with an original value of more than RMB13 million. In recent years, more than 30 projects have been established, including 2 national projects and 8 provincial projects. The Center has obtained 24 patents, including 9 invention patents. A total of eight products have passed the new product appraisal and the registration of scientific and technological achievements in Zhejiang Province. At the same time, paying attention to information construction and the industry-education-research practice, the Center has established cooperation with scientific research institutions such as the China Academy of Railway Sciences and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.