Social responsibilities

Serve the social development, highlight the value creation, gratitude and feedback.

(1) Create peaceful small and micro entrepreneurship parks, provide incubation sites for small and micro enterprises, and assume social responsibilities for the common prosperity.

(2) in 2012, in the face of the international financial subprime crisis, in order to cooperate with the government in the face of tiantai county small and medium-sized enterprise loan lending risk, prevent the collapse of small businesses, cooperate with the county party committee county government entrepreneurs meeting overnight, use their influence in the business, called for county 18 enterprises for stable enterprise, stable social support, three days to raise 66 million yuan for small business loan lending difficulties. During the eight-year transition period, a total of more than 14 billion yuan has been paid for rooftop small and medium-sized enterprises, effectively preventing a large number of rooftop small and medium-sized enterprises from being on the verge of bankruptcy due to the rupture of the capital chain, promoting the sound development of local economy and maintaining social stability.

(3) In 2013, in order to cooperate with the county government to develop Tiantai tourism resources, the National People's Congress proposed the rescue of the traditional culture of Tiantai Mountain and restore the thousand-year-old temple —— Baohua Zen Temple, with the support of the county Party Committee and government. More than 10 million yuan was invested to redeem the base land to restore Baohua Zen Temple, build a large pattern of Sanhe tourism, enable the development of Sanhe tourism, and help common prosperity.

(4) Invest more than 26 million yuan to empower the society and help common prosperity. Every year, we donate to the Charity Federation to support education; actively participate in poverty alleviation attack, help Batu Village, Butuo County, Sichuan to get rid of poverty and become rich; jointly establish the "Hehe" medical award fund to support the anti-epidemic work; respond to the call, participate in the construction of Tiantai Mountain Hehe Culture Foundation, help the inheritance and development of Tiantai Mountain Hehe culture, and practice social responsibility with practical actions.