Patent technology

The company has successively obtained 25 patents, including 10 invention patents and 15 national utility model patents.

Invention patents

Structure improvement of polyurethane monoester pouring machines

Safety protection device for hydraulic middle beds

Composition for manufacturing damping pads for passenger dedicated lines or bridges

Forming mould capable that can be quickly opened and closed

Composition for producing rubber seal plugs for aluminum electrolytic capacitors with butyl rubber as main materials

Constant-temperature forming mould that can be quickly assembled

Production technology of composite backing boards for fastener systems of passenger dedicated lines

Chip capacitor base

A forming mould

Production lines of special electronic patch capacitor bases for automobiles

Centralized drying and dehumidification feeding system for fastener parts production for passenger dedicated lines

Utility model patents

Improvement of pouring-machine tank of polyhelium ester monoester

Underrail pads of fasteners for passenger dedicated lines

Shells of mixing heads of polyurethane monomer casting machines

Reinforce backing board for fasteners of passenger dedicated lines

Curing machine with safety protection device

Production line for water absorption and treatment of nylon fasteners for passenger

dedicated lines

Improvement of molds for polyurethane monomer casting machines

Pads for 30-ton heavy-load railway fasteners

Rubber sealing element drying and screening all-in-one machine

Automatic production equipment suitable for composite one-step molding of multiple


Seal grinding and cleaning machine

One-step multi-cavity automatic demoulding injection forming mold

A type of rubber strip pre-forming machine

A type of water absorption and modulation equipment for nylon parts

Stamping mold for rubber sealing plugs for capacitors

A type of railway pad casting conveyor belt featuring automatically spraying release agent

A type of forming mold

A type of railway pre-laid pipe