Tang Youqian, founder and chairman of Zhejiang Tiantai Xianghe Industrial Co., LTD

       Engineer title, born in Sanhe Town, Tiantai County in 1948, graduated from township Enterprise Management College. In 1986, Tiantai Rubber Factory No. 3 was established, and in 1997, it was renamed Tiantai Xianghe Industrial Co., LTD. All his life, he is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of non-metal components of electronic components and railway fasteners. After more than 30 years of hard work and unremitting efforts, it has developed into an academic entrepreneur with annual tax profits of more than 100 million yuan and employment of 500 people. The president of the second and third Enterprise Association of Tiantai County, the representative of the ninth People's Congress of Zhejiang Province, won the title of outstanding entrepreneur of Zhejiang Province and Lifetime Merit-based entrepreneur of Tiantai County.

The following is a brief account of his development and achievements


IDTimeMain course and achievements
11986Set up "Zhejiang Tiantai County Rubber Factory No. 3", production of flexible rubber triangle belt, used tire cord fabric reuse.
21986Successfully developed rubber sealing plug for aluminum electrolytic capacitors and entered small batch production.
31987Obtained the engineer title certificate issued by Taizhou Regional Administration.
41987始Successively obtained the "contract-honoring and credit-keeping unit".
51990.01Replacing the Japanese import of high-speed machine sealing plug research and development success, the Ministry of Electronics substitute import certification, won the "Zhejiang Province quality products", "Zhejiang Province science and Technology progress Award", to promote China's electronic components localization.
61990.04After being elected to the Standing Committee of the 10th People's Congress of Tiantai County, he was re-elected to the Standing Committee of the 11th, 12th and 13th congresses for a total of four terms.
71991.1Hosted the National Electronics Ministry industry standard "SJ/T10242-91 aluminum electrolytic capacitors with rubber sealing plug technical conditions", the main drafting unit and draftsman of the standard, for the unification and improvement of China's electronic components localization testing and quality standards have played an important role.
81990.12It has won the title of "Advanced Enterprise in Taizhou Area" and "Key Backbone Enterprise in Tiantai County".
91992.12Won the Ministry of Agriculture total quality management standard certificate, Tiantai County top-notch talent.
101994.01For the first time, it obtained the "Railway Industrial product Manufacturing License" issued by the Ministry of Railways, and then passed four consecutive reviews and replaced the license. In 2012, it was converted to CCC certification.
111995.03He was elected as a deputy to the first People's Congress of Taizhou City, and was re-elected in the second and third terms.
121996.03Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Commission, Township Enterprise Bureau "provincial key private enterprise" title.

Annexed the 743 factory of the former Electronics Department in Tiantai (covering an area of 50 acres, building 20,000 square meters), and began the factory renovation and expansion.

141997.11The company changed its name to "Zhejiang Tiantai Xianghe Industrial Co., LTD." and moved its headquarters to No. 10051, Tiantong Road, Chicheng Street.
151997.12Won the title of "Zhejiang Province industry best economic benefit industrial Enterprise"。
161998.02Taizhou City awarded the title of "garden unit".
171998.03He was elected as a deputy to the ninth Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress.
181998.12IS09002 Quality system certification audit passed, the first passed in the industry.
191999.12Won the title of "Excellent cooperation body" of Korea Sanwa Electronics Co., LTD., and the title of "Excellent cooperation body" of Korea Sanying Electronics Co., LTD.
202000.01Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Commission and other six units jointly awarded the title of "Double civilization Enterprise".
212000.1A molding machine for vulcanizing and separating rubber sealing plug was successfully developed.
222001.01Rubber sealing plug products through South Korea Samsung (Tianjin) Electric Co., Ltd. certification, began mass supply. In the same year, it was awarded the title of "Best cooperative industry" by South Korea Samsung High-tech Electric (Tianjin) Co., LTD.
232001.03Acquired a land of 100 mu of Xianghe Land Pioneer Park, built standard factory 50,000 square meters, founded Tiantai County small business Pioneer Park, in December 2006 was rated as "provincial small business Pioneer Park". More than 30 enterprises have entered the park, and a large number of small and micro enterprises have been successfully incubated.
242002.05Won the title of "civilized unit" of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government.
252003.02It was named "Little Giant Enterprise" in Tiantai County and included in the ranks of "Double Ten Enterprises" in Taizhou City。
262003.12Successfully developed a synchronous safety device for a molding press.
272004.03Enterprises to obtain import and export qualifications, self-declaration rights.
282005.03The successful development of V-CHIP plate products, improve the level of high-performance miniaturization of electronic components in China, promote scientific and technological progress, and in June 2006 to achieve industrialization.
292005.04He was elected as the second president of Tiantai County Entrepreneurs Association and was re-elected as the third president in 2010.
302005.07Participated in the joint research and development group of the Iron Academy, and undertook the task of research and development and trial production of non-metallic components. The successful products developed by the company have broken the technological monopoly of a few developed countries and made positive contributions to the localization of high-speed railway construction. Has successfully developed 9 invention patents, such as "structural improvement of polyurethane elastomer pouring machine", "composition for making shock pad of high-speed rail or bridge", "production process of composite gasket of high-speed railway fastener system", "Production of rubber sealing plug composition for aluminum electrolytic capacitors with butyl rubber as the main material", "safety protection device for hydraulic punching machine".
312005.1Wantai Certification Center of the company's rubber seal plug and high-speed rail supporting rubber plate, fastener baffle seat, insulation gauge block quality management system renewal audit qualified.
322006.03Participate in the drafting of the national "Interim Technical Conditions for Passenger dedicated Line Fasteners System".
332006.1Put forward and determine "to steady progress, cast great undertakings: to treat people with sincerity, create a century of prosperity." For the purpose of enterprise.
342007.06Successfully won the YongTaiwen, Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway fasteners project, the target of 120 million yuan, for the first domestic independent research and development of high-speed rail accessories project enterprises.
352008.04Participated in drafting the national standard GB/T21527-2008 rail transit fastener system elastic plate.
362008.11The company's technology center was identified as Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center
372009.1One of the "60 people dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the rooftop".
382010.09The company was identified as a "national high-tech enterprise", which was reviewed in 2013 and re-identified in 2016.
392010.09Rubber plate products obtained famous brand products, Zhejiang Province famous trademark, in 2013 through the review.
402010.12Since 2010, it has been named "Top Ten Enterprises" by the CPC Tiantai County Party Committee and the county government for six consecutive years.
412011.3Proposed to the county People's Congress to rebuild Baohua Zen Temple, invested more than 10 million yuan to redeem 160 acres of land, and invited Shi Guoning Master, the 46th generation of Zen Linji, to enter Baohua Zen Temple. Reconstruction began on January 12, 2013, and the main buildings such as the Daxiongbao Hall were completed in 2014.
422011.12Enterprise technology center, was identified as: "Provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center".
432012.01Led the establishment of "Zhejiang Tianhe Lian Construction Investment Co., LTD.", 18 enterprises invested a total of 66 million yuan, 5 years for 510 small and medium-sized enterprises in Tiantai cushion loan repayment (bridge) more than 1600, a total amount of tens of billions, alleviating the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises in our county cushion loan repayment capital chain, Zhu Conjiu, vice governor of Zhejiang Province praised, Taizhou counties to our county to learn from.
442012.02It acquired 20 mu of land in Xiaobao Park in the east of the city, built a factory of 14,000 square meters, and became three branches of the sample and pioneer park. Before, in 2007, I Park industrial zone 11 acres, built 10,000 square meters for the peace venture Park two branches.
452012.08The foundation stone of Xianghe Building was laid, with a total of 12 floors, a construction area of 31,800 square meters, and a total cost of 120 million yuan.
462014.03He won the title of "Lifetime Meritorious Entrepreneur of Tiantai County" and the title of "Meritorious Economic Development of Tiantai County" for five consecutive years.
472014.07The original Tiantong Road factory was moved into the People's East Road factory, and the company completed the automatic intelligent transformation of the production line.
482015.09The company completed the share reform, the overall change to Zhejiang Tiantai Xianghe Industrial Co., LTD.
492015.12Harmony Building opened after renovation.
502016.01Zhengxi Industrial Park land 66 mu, the establishment of Xianghe high-tech Industrial Park.
512016.05.10Filing with the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
522017.06.06Approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission。
532017.09.04Listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

As mentioned in the table above, Tang You money's life ambition, hard work, unremitting efforts, career each step forward, each done a big thing, each step, I do not know how much effort he has to spend, he said that there is no day in his life is getting up after 8:30 in the morning, God rewards the diligent - today's brilliance, but also his life hard work cast.

At the age of 25, he entered the town works office as a person in charge. 27 years old began to venture into the world, for the township enterprises to run the supply and marketing business. Endure hard work, grow knowledge, increase ability. Since the age of 31, he has made great achievements in cooking.

He is modest and shrewd, bold and thoughtful and wise. He said that the summary of his life is "to seek progress with stability, to treat people with sincerity" eight words. His goal is to "build great achievements and create lasting prosperity." In the position of president of Tiantai County Entrepreneurs Association, he united the majority of colleagues, safeguard legitimate rights and interests, promote industry self-discipline, bravely take social responsibility, promote social progress, and offer suggestions for the county party committee and county government to conspire for the development of Tiantai. He dealt with problems all his life, treated people with sincerity and generosity, and helped people in trouble. Public welfare undertakings such as building Bridges and paving roads, restoring scenic spots and historic sites, and rescuing cultural heritage are too numerous to mention.

Tang Youqian has two boys and a girl, all of whom have become talented, or city and county People's Congress deputies, city and county CPPCC members, or county People's Congress Standing Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Youth Federation Standing Committee. At present, the cause of Xianghe has gradually passed on to a new generation in an orderly manner.

Wife Qiu Juan life industrious frugality, help Tangyou money achievement career contribution.

Harmony, a new sustainable development blueprint has been drawn and a solid foundation has been laid.

"One hundred years of peace, the world like peace", will certainly be in Taizhou Tiantai this feng shui treasure land of glory forever.