To commend the excellent enabling company, the love department staff warm companionship

Classification:Company trends Release time:2022-11-16

To commend the excellent enabling company, the love department staff warm companionship

In the past year, in the face of the repeated epidemic and the challenges of "power restriction and production limitation", the company's senior management has accurately arranged and overcome numerous difficulties. With the joint efforts of the majority of employees, we have achieved fruitful results and ensured the steady rise of production and operation and the good momentum of sustainable development.

Excellent employee

In order to commend advanced, motivate morale, and stimulate the positive work enthusiasm of the majority of employees, on the basis of the democratic election of various departments, the company decided to give Wang Jingjiao and other 29 comrades the 2021 outstanding employees commendation, hope to be commended, honor as a new starting point, guard against arrogance and agitation, make persistent efforts, and continue to make new achievements.

Financial Management Center: Wang Jingjiao

Supplier Management Center: Tang Yi

Excellent duty team: Xia Weijun, Xu Zhengwei

Orbital Products Division: Xu Shengjie, Zhou Jian, Yuan Xianghua, Xu Hui, Zhou Zaihong, Tang Youting, Wang Xiao, He Haiying, Wang Zhonghua, Zhou Wenhu, Chen Bo

Electronic Products Division: Ding Hong, Dai Lizhong, Jiang Wanyong, Hu Fuxiang, Wang Yuqing, Xu Yaping, Zhu Jiazhi, Lin Caifan

Commendation of outstanding Communist Party members

List of outstanding Communist Party members of Xianghe Industry:

Chen Daman, Chen Yingmeng, Yao Lianfen

Cao Meizhen, Zhu Dandan, Chen Jing

Yu Jieqian, Chu Wenjun, Wang Yujian, Ding Ziyu



I hope that the outstanding party members who have been commended will cherish their honor, carry forward their achievements, make persistent efforts, and faithfully fulfill their duties and responsibilities with a more spirited spirit and a brave and enterprising attitude, and enable the company. It is hoped that all Party members and activists who join the Party will take the advanced as an example, forge ahead, work hard and make new achievements, and make new contributions to the "century-old peace".

     Peace and love

The sympathy group composed of the General branch of the Party of the company, the trade union, the Human Resources Department, the Communist Youth League, and the Women's Federation, paid New Year condolences to the non-Taizhou employees and local employees with difficulties staying in the Tiantai for the New Year.

The chairman of the trade union, Tonkerman, had an in-depth conversation with the difficult employees, encouraging them to work hard and live hard, the difficulties are temporary, and believe that the happy life will definitely favor the strong people.

The president of the trade union Tang Keman brought the company chairman's thanks and Spring Festival wishes to the non-Taizhou employees who stayed at the rooftop for the New Year! Thank them for responding to the government's call, overcoming difficulties and staying on the rooftop for the New Year! "Everyone" Ann, "small family" good; "Small home" is prosperous, "everyone" is strong, and this place of peace is home! Wish them and their families a happy and happy New Year!

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