Taizhou Luqiao District New generation entrepreneurs Association visit Xianghe Industry

Classification:Company trends Release time:2022-06-02

From November 11 to 12, 2017, more than 30 people from the New Generation Entrepreneurs Association of Taizhou Luqiao District visited Tiantai under the leadership of Tu Jianyang, Vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the District Party Committee and secretary of the Party Group of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Ye Guoxiang, member of the Party group and vice chairman of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, to deeply communicate with the Tiantai County New Generation Entrepreneurs Association and enhance friendship. As the president of Tiantai New Enterprise Association, Xianghe Industry received the delegation, and Mr. Tang Wenming, executive deputy general manager of the company, organized and presided over the exchange meeting.

At the meeting, the new generation of entrepreneurs from both places introduced their business situation and shared their experience in doing business. On behalf of Luqiao District New Enterprise Association, President Zhang Jian thanked Tiantai County New Enterprise Association for its warm hospitality, introduced the development course of Luqiao District New Enterprise Association, and proposed that the entire corporate culture of Tiantai is worth learning. This is the second stop of Luqiao District New Enterprise Association to visit foreign enterprises. Luqiao District and Tiantai have inextricably linked and friendly relations. Take this opportunity to further strengthen understanding and enhance friendship, and sincerely invite Tiantai County new enterprises to exchange friendship on the road and bridge to create more opportunities for communication and learning.

Tu Jianyang praised the dynamism of the new generation of entrepreneurs, pointed out the differences between road and bridge and rooftop enterprises, and hoped that enterprises of the two places can strengthen ties and open up opportunities for future cooperation and development.

After the meeting, the delegation visited Hehe Industrial and the Rooftop Hehe Cultural Park and took a group photo.

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