Provincial Federation of trade unions research group to visit our county research

Classification:Company trends Release time:2022-02-25

On February 24, Hu Ke, member of the Party group of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and director of the Personnel Department, came to our county to carry out "big research, big visit, big propaganda, big investigation" activities. Huang Haihong, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Pang Zhigang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the county People's Congress and chairman of the Federation of Trade unions, Zhang Guang, Party secretary of the county Federation of Trade unions and vice chairman of the county Federation of trade unions, as well as the heads of relevant departments of the provincial and municipal federation of trade unions, members of the county Federation of trade unions participated in the research.

In the afternoon, the research team visited the new Shangren station on Shifeng Street, and held a symposium in Zhejiang Tiantai Xianghe Industrial Co., LTD. At the meeting, the research team carried out the publicity of the new "Trade Union Law", listened to the key work reports of the county Federation of Trade unions and the street Federation of trade unions, listened to the opinions and suggestions of the enterprises in the area, Xianghe Industrial, Sunda Biological and Tianyu Photoelectric trade unions and employee representatives on the union's contribution to high-quality common prosperity, digital reform, industrial reform, new business forms and new employment groups, and the better life of employees.

Hu Ke highly affirmed the work of trade unions at all levels of Tiantai, which focuses on common prosperity, a better life for employees, a culture of harmony and key groups. She asked to strengthen communication, further innovation methods, further exploration and research; It is necessary to focus on the work of digital reform of trade unions, and do addition on the basis of "a game of chess" in the province; Focus on key groups to improve the quality of life of employees; It is necessary to further identify the carrier, strengthen the reform of industrial workers, and actively play the role of trade unions in promoting common prosperity.


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