Create "no waste factory" and promote the construction of "no waste city" | Please take good care of this proposal!

Classification:Company trends Release time:2022-04-22

"Waste free city" is an urban development model led by the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, and minimizes the environmental impact of solid waste. Creating a "waste free city" starts with cultivating "waste free cells".

The factory is an important unit in the "waste free cell". "Waste free factory" refers to the green production mode of "source reduction, resource utilization, harmless disposal and pollution emission control" by enterprises to minimize the impact of solid waste on the environment.

In order to implement the document requirements of the provincial and municipal authorities on the construction of "no waste city" and further promote the creation of "no waste factory", recently, Taizhou Ecological Environment Bureau and Taizhou Environmental Sciences Institute entered the factory to carry out on-site evaluation and acceptance of municipal "no waste cells".

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