Xianghe Industrial participated in the 4th World Zhejiang Merchants Conference

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From November 29 to 30, the fourth World Zhejiang Business Conference was held in Hangzhou to discuss entrepreneurship and innovation. Tang Wenming, executive deputy general manager of Zhejiang Tiantai Xianghe Industrial Co., Ltd. participated in the Zhejiang Business Conference on behalf of the company.



The World Zhejiang Merchants Conference has been held for 7 years, which is only a short moment in the long river of history, but it has extraordinary significance for Zhejiang merchants and Zhejiang.

New era

Opportunities and challenges coexist

"Today is the best time to do business!" Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba's Board of directors, spoke the voice of entrepreneurs in the World Zhejiang Business Forum. As Ma Yun said, today's entrepreneurs are faced with countless opportunities, and internationally, the construction of the "Belt and Road" has brought huge opportunities to entrepreneurs; Domestically, supply-side structural reform has brought new opportunities to every market player.

Today's Zheshang, entering a new era, is facing new opportunities and new challenges. Hundreds of years ago, Ningbo Gang, Longyou Gang and Nanxun businessmen went to the world with their unique entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ability. Today, on the journey of "One Belt and One Road" construction, there are good news: the eWTP proposed by Ma Yun lands overseas, Li Shufu's automobile factory extends to Belarus, Kinsheng Group builds a complete hosiery industry chain in Vietnam... More and more Zheshang participate in the construction of "The Belt and Road", which makes Zhejiang's many advantageous mature industries and production capacity configured in a wider range, and also opens up new space for Zheshang's transnational operation.

The challenges are equally important. "No business is easy." A Zhejiang businessman from outside the province who participated in the conference lamented to reporters that the operation and management of enterprises can no longer take the old road of extensive development, in other words, the era of "savage growth" is over, and the new era emphasizes fine management and craftsman spirit.

"Corporate policy is better than understanding policy. Our company has learned the report of the 19th National Congress no less than ten times from top to bottom, and to develop enterprises, we must seriously think about transformation and upgrading." Zhejiang Xinhu Group chairman Lin Junbo said.

Based on this, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government issued a call at this session of the World Zhejiang Merchants Conference: unswervingly strengthen and do fine manufacturing, not fickle, not opportunistic, and strive to be a leader in the transformation and development of the real economy.

New Mission

Take up the backbone of industry


What investment opportunities, what industries to develop, these in the Zheshang conference have the answer.

"I hope that the majority of Zhejiang businessmen will start again in revitalizing the real economy." The real economy is the foundation and lifeblood of Zheshang's development and growth." Che Jun, Party secretary of Zhejiang Province, issued a call to the global Zhejiang businessmen.

120 projects in the Greater Bay Area, 100 projects in Ningbo's "Belt and Road" construction comprehensive Pilot Zone, as well as the West of the city's Science and Technology Innovation Corridor project, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot Zone project were displayed at various thematic activities of the Zheshang Conference. "The density and concentration of information is very high. You see, I took a bag of materials to take back to discuss with the team." Zhou Ming, chairman of Beijing Kingtop Capital Investment Co., LTD., who participated in the World Zhejiang Merchants Conference for the first time, said.

The Greater Bay Area project has received a lot of attention. "The Bay Area is a great opportunity." Ma said Alibaba is fully involved. "There are bay areas in the world that do well, such as the Bay of Tokyo, the Bay of New York and the Bay of California, and Zhejiang has this idea and this pattern, and its superior geographical location and technological revolution will bring countless opportunities."

There is a content that has been in all the previous World Zhejiang Merchants Conference, that is, on-site project signing. This year, 48 projects were signed on the spot, with a total investment of 154.8 billion yuan, refreshing the total investment record of the World Zhejiang Merchants Conference. Industrial projects are the top priority, and eight trillion industries account for more than 70%. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission said: "The in-depth implementation of the return of Zhejiang businessmen will drive private capital, state-owned capital and foreign capital to gather in Zhejiang and promote economic transformation and upgrading."

The torch of industry is passed from generation to generation. Even if the new and old Zhejiang businessmen alternate, we can not forget the roots of industry. On the morning of November 30, in the "inheritance space" of the fourth World Zhejiang Merchants Conference series activities, Nan Junxia, the son of Nan Cunhui of Chint Group, elaborated the "industrial view" handed to him by his father: In the past 33 years, from a small electrical workshop in the Oujiang River, grew into a world-renowned industrial electrical appliances and new energy leading enterprises, the parents focused on the main industry, adhere to the "burning their own pot of water" of concentration, leading to promote economic transformation and upgrading of the sense of responsibility and mission, has been infected and affected him.


New journey

Join forces with the "Strongest Brain"


Different from previous sessions, this World Zhejiang Merchants Conference is not only a grand event for Zhejiang merchants, but also a grand event for high-end talents. The conference introduced the "talent strong Province" policy promotion meeting for the first time, and distributed the "hero post" to global talents.

Zheshang needs the support of the "strongest brain" more than ever. A Zhejiang businessman who attended the meeting gave a very intuitive example to the reporter: 20 years ago, the competitors faced by Zhejiang businessmen came from the province and now come from the world.

For the first time, this conference invited a group of high-level talents, entrepreneurs and scientists from home and abroad to sit side by side and have a lot of sparks. Some reached a basic cooperation intention on the scene, some left contact information with each other, and there is a "business and learning" enterprise team to join - Zhejiang University Alumni Enterprise Headquarters Economic Park, a new entrepreneurial innovation highland, will attract Zhejiang University alumni enterprises and social enterprises with alumni enterprises as a link to invest in the establishment of global, national or regional corporate headquarters.

A number of heavy "intelligence platform" has also come. On the day of the conference, Zhijiang Laboratory, Westlake University and Alibaba Damo Institute, three heavyweight talent platforms, have successively issued talent introduction policies. The provincial government will invest 5 billion yuan for the introduction of the talent team of Zhijiang Laboratory.

The service organization of Western Returned Scholars Association of Zhejiang Province was awarded the license at the World Zhejiang Merchants Conference. On the same day, 14 workstations such as the North American Zhejiang University Alumni Association, the Silicon Valley Tsinghua Alumni Association, and the United States Zhejiang Innovation Center were also awarded licenses. Zhejiang is eager for talents: in the next five years, it will gather 50 of the world's top scientific and technological talents in the field of artificial intelligence, 500 scientific and technological entrepreneurial talents, 1,000 high-end R & D talents, and 10,000 engineering and technical talents.

One step ahead and one beat ahead. Zhejiang businessmen in the new era will pay close attention to the construction of "two high levels".

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