Create "waste free factories" and promote the construction of "waste free cities"

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"Waste free city" is an urban development model led by the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, and minimizes the environmental impact of solid waste. Creating a "waste free city" starts with cultivating "waste free cells".

The factory is an important unit in the "waste free cell". "Waste free factory" refers to the green production mode of "source reduction, resource utilization, harmless disposal and pollution emission control" by enterprises to minimize the impact of solid waste on the environment.

In order to implement the document requirements of the provincial and municipal authorities on the construction of "no waste city" and further promote the creation of "no waste factory", recently, Taizhou Ecological Environment Bureau and Taizhou Environmental Sciences Institute entered the factory to carry out on-site evaluation and acceptance of municipal "no waste cells".

Industrial park is one of the main sources of industrial solid waste, and it is also the main battlefield to continuously promote the source reduction and resource utilization of solid waste and control the total amount of solid waste storage and disposal toward zero growth. Building a waste free park is a powerful starting point to promote the construction of "waste free city". The Economic Development Zone of Tiantai County has built a "waste free park" by formulating the "Implementation Plan for the Circular Transformation of Zhejiang Tiantai Economic Development Zone", promoting the centralized control of pollution, and promoting the construction of solid waste treatment capacity.

The construction of "waste free factory" focuses on the raw materials used and the general industrial solid waste and hazardous waste generated to achieve the goal of source reduction, full resource utilization of solid waste, and harmless final disposal. The company reduces solid waste generation through source reduction, process control and end recycling, and has been practicing the concept of "waste free factory".

During the inspection of no waste points, the city inspection team not only affirmed the status quo of the company's construction, gave improvement evaluation, proposed to continue to do a good job of "no waste" concept publicity and education activities, but also put forward higher requirements for the future to continue to implement the "no waste" concept and deepen the "no waste" model.

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