"A Party member is a flag"

Classification:相关新闻 Release time:2021-09-20

I hope that the outstanding party members who have been commended will cherish their honor, carry forward their achievements, make persistent efforts, and faithfully fulfill their duties and responsibilities with a more spirited spirit and a brave and enterprising attitude, and enable the company. It is hoped that all Party members and activists who join the Party will take the advanced as an example, forge ahead, work hard and make new achievements, and make new contributions to the "century-old peace".

Commendation of outstanding Communist Party members

List of outstanding Communist Party members of Xianghe Industry:

Chen Daman, Chen Yingmeng, Yao Lianfen

Cao Meizhen, Zhu Dandan, Chen Jing

Yu Jieqian, Chu Wenjun, Wang Yujian, Ding Ziyu

Pursue the red footprint, look back on the century-old Party history, and feel the original mission. History is the best textbook, often read often new; The history of the Party is the best nutrition, inspiring people's hearts. Only by engrave the history of the Party in our hearts can the red gene be integrated into our blood and passed down from generation to generation. We should follow the red footprint, internalize the revolutionary spirit in the heart and externalize it in the line, and move forward with determination and determination, rain or shine, and we will surely create new and greater glory on the journey of strengthening the army.

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