Women's help, concentric anti-epidemic | with dedication to highlight the role of the flag to adhere to the inheritance of red genes

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The stars twinkle and gather in the sky. There are many ordinary Party members around us who have scrupulously fulfilled their duties and performed their duties. They have faith and mission in mind. They are pioneers around us, extraordinary people in ordinary positions. They highlight the role of flags with dedication, adhere to the inheritance of red genes, and let the red vanguard flag of a new era fly high in the front line of the fight against the epidemic!

On May 3, large-scale nucleic acid testing began at 6 o 'clock, and at 5 o 'clock in the morning, Hu Chongneng got up to prepare breakfast for his family, "in order to offer a force at ease, first get up and settle the life of his family." "He said with a smile. Comrade Hu Chongneng signed up for the first time from the beginning of the epidemic to unlock the county on the 17th, and took the lead in the whole process to do a good job of volunteer service every day. Each nucleic acid test sweeps at least 800 codes, a large nucleic acid test comes down, the code sweeps the hand cramps, a volunteer service of at least 4 hours or more, wearing an impenetrable "big white" does not say, the body is sweaty, and does not dare to drink tea, every time the station is tired and shouted tired, a sip of lips, a bite of teeth, continue to insist. He said, "In our work, we not only have to patiently teach and guide everyone how to do a good job of epidemic protection, but also we have to do ideological work with individual residents who do not understand and do not comply with protective measures." Xiao Jia for everyone, stick to the front line, silently pay, residents have called him the "patron saint" of the epidemic.

April 27 is the day when Comrade Yang Shijie's preparatory period expires and becomes a regular. 28 epidemic attack, due to the shortage of nucleic acid testing and other epidemic prevention work in communities, after receiving the call of "Red Pioneer", Comrade Yang Shijie responded positively: "I sign up!" "Where there is still a need for volunteers, I will go to the community immediately" after reporting, Comrade Yang Shijie, as "Big white", rushed to the nucleic acid detection point and the nucleic acid detection point of the west Road of the stadium to support, to cooperate with the community duty, nucleic acid detection information entry and order maintenance, transport and distribution of epidemic prevention materials. A test, a station is more than four hours, especially in the first few days, individual residents are unstable, but also with resistance, in addition to doing a good job at the same time, but also to remind them "please wear a mask, show the health code, maintain a meter distance", which has become the "mantra" in the whole nucleic acid testing process. After the end of the epidemic, her son drew a picture for her, in which her mother held a weapon to fight off the virus. In his eyes, her mother was a role model and a hero! And she said she was just doing what she could to help. It is such an unknown rebel who brings warmth to everyone.

Tong Zhaozhong

Comrade Tang Zhaozhong is an old party member of the company, he said: war brothers, father and son soldiers, peace is also his home, all colleagues are his relatives, no matter what work, do it seriously. After the resumption of work and production, Comrade Tang Zhaozhong focused on epidemic prevention and control and production safety. He came to the company one hour early every day to carry out normal epidemic prevention and control work, advised employees to wear a good oral set, measure the temperature bright code, scan the code to register nucleic acid for 48 hours, guided employees to understand, cooperate with and support the prevention and control measures carried out by relevant departments, timely publicity and push prevention and control common sense, rain or shine, keep a good home, for everyone, build a strong safety line for epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, for foreign vehicles, responsible for organizing the registration of license plate number, arrival time and personnel name, ID card, telephone and other information, check the nucleic acid test side results, passing EMU and other related information. The whole process of supervision and management of cargo vehicles, fast cargo, orderly departure. After the employees go to work one after another, they go to the park to remind the workshops to fire prevention, theft prevention and damage prevention after the completion of the work, patrol and inspect the electricity and water in public areas, and prohibit unnecessary waste. Comrade Tang Zhaozhong interpreted "I am a Party member" with practical actions.

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