Zhejiang Tiantai Xianghe Industrial Co., Ltd.

Securities code:603500

Xianghe Industrial (stock code: 603500) was founded in 1986. The company mainly specializes in the R&D, production and sales of railway track fasteners, electronic components and accessories and polymer modified materials. The company is located near Tiantai Mountain, Zhejiang Province, which is the birthplace of Buddhism and Taoism.

The company had a part in the R&D of national high-speed railway track fasteners, undertook the sub-project R&D task of non-metallic components, and participated in the drafting of national standards. Its industrialization has broken the technological monopoly by a few developed countries and made positive contributions to the localization of high-speed rail in China. The types of track fasteners are complete, and its products for high-speed railway, heavy-haul railway, passenger-freight railway and urban rail transit have passed CRCC certification, with the ability of integration.

With electronic components and accessories being mainly rubber sealing plugs, covers and bases for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the company is the leading drafter of industry standards and standards of the China Electronic Components Association. Products are widely used in fields such as aerospace, automobile, intelligent electronics, etc.

Polymer modified materials are mainly engineering plastics and EVA modified materials featuring excellent wear resistance, mechanical strength, rigidity and heat resistance. With excellent characteristics such as light weight, environmental protection and low shrinkage, EVA absorbent particles are used in automobile parts, highway projects, rail transit, medical auxiliary equipment, etc.

"Striving for steady progress and treat people with sincerity". Xianghe Industrial will remain true to its "concentric diversity" strategy, lay a solid foundation, seek steady development and strive to achieve the goal of "a century-old Xianghe is on its way to going global".

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Corporate culture

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    A century-old Xianghe is on its way to going globa

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    Serve the country and promote the progress of science and technology
    Benefit the public and create wealth.

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    Innovation, high efficiency, unity, win-win situation

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    Treat people with sincerity and strive for steady progress

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Xianghe Industrial has established a full-chain industrialization management model to strictly control the quality of its products

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